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The following are set apart as my own views, not MacDonald's. MacDonald has explained his observations in detail, and I have added a little more explanation to mine, too. Several of the comparisons I have listed here are too small to make any case by themselves. But I have thought they might enough distinctive features to give them some interest in the context of the other larger and more demonstrable points of contact between the texts. So the following are a mixed bag of strong and weak. Make of them what you will.

Caveat: My lists are generalized summaries of the texts. As such they inevitably prejudice one's determination of the similarities between the texts. I intend to replace these summaries with more literal English translations and selected Greek words for comparisons as soon as time permits. Meanwhile the accuracy of my summaries can be assessed by Greek texts and English translations at the following sites:

The Perseus site for Greek texts and English translations of the Iliad and Odyssey
Mark Goodacre's Bible translations site for the gospel of Mark


Other overview arguments
Last hours of Jesus and failure of disciples
        Sacred holiday settings
        Neverending story?
Two wilderness settings
    John the Baptist
        Two 'baptisms'
        Calchas and John
        Why did John baptize Jesus?
        John and Elijah
        Strange places, foods and clothing
        Historicity note
    Jesus in the wildernesses (with John & Satan)
        Comparisons with Moses & Elijah
        Comparisons with Odysseus
        Comparisons with Achilles
        Divine parents speak to mortal sons


Beginning of Jesus' ministry (Mark 1-2)
        Time has come, kingdom at hand
        Callings by the seashore
        Calling of Levi
        Exorcism in Capernaum
        Healing Peter's mother-in-law
        Crowds flock at doorway
        Cleansing the leper
        Healing the paralytic
Remainder of pre-Jerusalem ministry (Mark 3-10)
        What to take on a journey
        Returning from journeys to ghosts & demons
Final days of Jesus and end of the world
        Prophecies of doom and hope
        Rustics compelled to assist with executions
        Four Simons
        Where do Alexander and Rufus fit in?