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Thomas L. Brodie: The New Testament's Dependence On the Old -- Illustrated

On my Vridar blog I have been posting a chapter by chapter series on Thomas L. Brodie's book, Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus. Chapter 7, however, is where Brodie draws the reader in to the nitty gritty of a case-study that demonstrates the way an author of a Gospel was drawing upon Old Testament literature in order to create his narrative about Jesus.

I did address in very broad outline the main points of this chapter in Brodie's Mythicist Case: The Facts, but at the same time I knew that anyone seriously interested in engaging with Brodie's argument would need to read the detail. The publisher of Brodie's book has very kindly given me permission to post the chapter in which Brodie spells out all of this detail.

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Thomas Brodie Illustrates The New Testament’s Dependence On the Old

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